Monday, May 23, 2022

Saudi Arabia issues fresh quarantine guidelines for airlines


KARACHI: General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) of Saudi Arabia on Friday issued fresh guidelines for the airlines transporting passengers to the Kingdom in relation to COVID-19 restrictions, ARY NEWS reported.

The airlines have been directed by the Saudi Aviation authorities to fully comply with the fresh quarantine restrictions and warned that airlines found violating the curbs would face hefty fines.

It said that in case of violation of the quarantine rules, Saudi authorities could impose a fine of upto 200,000 Saudi Riyal and more than two years of imprisonment.

Both the fine and imprisonment could apply simultaneously.

In case of repetition of the violation, the fine could be doubled besides the GACA also warned that non-compliance with the quarantine rules could also lead to the deportation of the non-Saudi nationals.

On September 20, Saudi Arabia’s aviation authority issued fresh guidelines for airlines and travelers moving to the Kingdom regarding the process to verify COVID vaccination status.

According to details shared by the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) Saudi Arabia, the passengers traveling to the Kingdom had to prove their status of having received vaccination at the Tawakkalna App.

The GACA in its circular said that the dedicated online portal (electronic registration of the vaccine) allows vaccinated travelers arriving at the Kingdom, those who are non-Saudi and from exempted groups, to register their immunization data electronically, which contributes to facilitating their procedures upon arrival for those who have completed all the regular procedures for entering the Kingdom.

It further asked travelers to adhere to all the required requirements and submit them to the competent authorities and warned strict action in case of violation.


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