Monday, August 15, 2022

Blasphemy allegations: Security guard awarded death sentence for killing bank manager


KHUSHAB: A local court has awarded death sentence on two counts and years-long imprisonment to a convicted security guard who had killed a bank manager on blasphemy charges, ARY News reported on Wednesday.

The anti-terrorism court in Sargodha awarded death sentence on two counts, 12-year imprisonment and Rs1 million fine to a convicted security guard who had gunned down a bank manager in Quaidabad tehsil of Khushab near Sargodha on November 4, 2020, after levelling blasphemy allegations.

During the trial, the court found the security guard guilty of murdering the bank manager, Malik Imran Hanif, by opening fire from a rifle inside the bank over false charges of blasphemy.

The ATC judge said in his verdict that the convict will face additional imprisonment of two years over non-payment of a fine.

The terrorising incident had taken place in November last year where a security guard opened fire using his rifle on the bank manager of the National Bank of Pakistan branch in Khushab. Hanif had succumbed to his wounds at the Services Hospital after being shot by the security guard.

Following the arrest, the security guard had accused the bank manager of blasphemy and confessed to killing him. It was learnt that the security guard had murdered the bank manager due to personal grievances.


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