Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Sega coming up with role-playing game for mobile


Sega has made a Twitter account and a website for its upcoming role-playing game (RPG) for mobile, a foreign news agency has reported.

The details of the new project are expected to be released during this year’s Tokyo Games Show event on October 1.

The details of the project’s gameplay have not been revealed as of yet. However, the players will get the opportunity to play make decisions in the game which is coming up with a non-linear storyline.

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The video game company has not revealed much about its project except for a teaser on Twitter, that sees animated characters getting designed from a quill.

However, the first look is not in the English language so far but it confirms that it will be an animated decision-based game.

It seems developers are looking to come up with a unique story compared to linear plots that are seen frequently in role-playing games and get inspired by projects for creating a game that does not have a fixed ending.

It is to be noted that Capcom and Xbox among others are expected to reveal their upcoming projects in the gaming event as well.

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