Friday, October 7, 2022

Sharif brothers’ sugar factories hosting over 300 Indian citizens illegally: Qadri


“Sharif brothers’ sugar factories are hosting over 300 Indian citizens illegally. I have got passport numbers of those people. God knows how many of them are Indian spy agency, RAW, agents,” he said while addressing a massive rally in Rawalpindi.

He said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif were proceeding to take over energy sector of Pakistan.

“I do not talk foul. Integrity of Pakistan is at stake. I have got documents of Indian citizens working in Sharifs’ sugar mills, if security agencies want to see the documents, I can show them,” he said.

He said Sharif brothers were going to establish different energy projects of thousands of megawatts. They were set to sell Indian produced power to Pakistani citizens.

“I will fight for revenge of Model Town incident till death. I will never pardon Sharif brothers. We can take revenge in seven days, however, I do not want bloodshed,” he said.

The PAT chairman said the government of Nawaz Sharif orchestrated Mardan and Peshawar attacks.

“When ship of the government of ruling party starts rocking, they call their masters and abettors for help who spent millions of dollars to help them make the government and are now fighting the battle to save their rule,” he said while addressing a massive rally.

It is pertinent here to mention that at least 14 people mostly policemen were killed and 40 others were wounded in a suicide blast outside district court here in Mardan, while four terrorists were killed during exchange of fire with security forces in Peshawar’s Christian Colony on Friday.

The PAT chief said firing on Line of Control and the Quetta carnage was also perpetrated by the ruling party.

He said Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif are agents of RAW.

Qadri said holding a peaceful protest is our constitutional right and we guarantee the peace, but the government is provoking by offensive means.

He said you want those people who lost their loved ones in Model Town incident to not to protest, while even after passage of two years they have not got justice.

“People-enemy and Pakistan-enemy rulers are holding rulership in Pakistan,” he said.

The PAT chief said the government had placed containers on the streets of Lahore in a bid to divert Qisas Rally.

He also requested Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif to help Model Town incident victims to get justice, otherwise he would be accountable to God hereafter.

Shaikh Rasheed vows to fight till his last drop of blood

Chairman Awami Muslim League Shaikh Rasheed said he will fight against Indian agents till last drop of blood in his body.

“I am a suicide politician, I am not a thief, robber or a friend of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” he said while addressing a massive rally in Rawalpindi.

He said Pakistan had no threat from outside but from inside.

Shaikh Rasheed challenged Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to contest election with him in constituencies of NA 55 and 56.

“I request COAS to take action against PM lest there will come a day when America will order under-debt Pakistan to release nuclear technology,” he said.




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