Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Sharjah Islamic Bank launches new digital account


Sharjah Islamic Bank (SIB) has announced the launch of its new SIB Digital account, which allows customers to open an electronic account instantly and easily using the smart bank application, and without the need to visit the branch.

Waleed Al Amoudi, Head of Digital Banking at Sharjah Islamic Bank, said, “The launch of the new digital account is part of the bank’s commitment to enhance its digital services and provide customers greater flexibility in obtaining the services they need. It allows them to make optimal use of the features and facilities included in this service, primarily the opportunity to open an account remotely and without a minimum balance.”

The registration process requires only simple steps, starting by downloading the bank’s smart application, and then clicking on the link “Go Digital”, then entering the needed contact information such as an email and mobile phone number.

Following these steps, the Emirates ID card needs to be scanned and a personal photo of the customer need to be taken to complete the registration process. Shortly after, the customer receives the account number.

Al Amoudi explained that once the registration process is completed, the bank card will be delivered to the customer’s address within two to three working days, with the customer being given the choice of whether to have a direct debit card or prepaid card.


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