Wednesday, August 17, 2022

SHC orders to seal illegal building in Lyari, action against builder, officials


KARACHI: The Sindh High Court on Wednesday heard petition about illegal construction of a seven-storey building in Lyari here, ARY News reported.

A bench of the high court while hearing the case, questioned how these structures built without connivance from the officials of the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA).

“The SBCA failed to submit its reply in last three-and-half years,” Justice Zafar Ahmed Rajput remarked.

“A seven-storey building built in the area where buildings above ground plus two are not alloweved,” Justice Rajput remarked. “According to the petitioner, the builder even not have permission to build ground plus two structure,” court observed.

“How it is possible to build without support from the SBCA officials,” the bench posed question.

The court ordered to seal the illegal structure and an action against the builder under the criminal law within a week. The bench also ordered action against officials of the building control authority.

The SBCA representative pleaded for more than one week time in compliance of the court order, saying “It is Lyari area”. “It is all happening in Lyari, which has given birth to several distinguished persons,” Justice Zafar Rajput observed.

“Lyari was the real Karachi, which have now been converted into a hotbed of crimes,”  Justice Rajput further said.


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