Sunday, October 2, 2022

SHC seeks govt report over legislation for ban on Gutka


KARACHI: Sindh High Court (SHC) on Thursday ordered the Government of Sindh to submit its report on legislation about ban on the sale and manufacturing of Gutka on October 08, ARY News reported.

The high court was hearing a contempt of court petition on non-compliance of the court ruling about ban on Gutka.

Justice Salahuddin Panhwar also ordered the Inspector General of Sindh Police to submit report on the matter.

“The chief minister and the IGP Sindh will be summoned personally if the progress report on the matter not submitted in court,” Justice Panhwar warned.

“People are dying by chewing Gutka but no one sensing (seriousness of) the matter,” the Justice remarked.

The government didn’t legislate despite the court orders, Justice Panhwar remarked.

“Factories of Gutka, Mava and Mainpuri should be sealed forthwith,” court said. ” A legislation bill should be tabled in the assembly immediately,” the bench directed.

“Policemen are involved in sale of a dangerous substance like Gutka and minting millions of money from it,” the bench remarked.

Any policeman when caught (in the business) reinstated to service after a suspension of few days, the Justice said.

The court will act against the SSP if any thing happen to the petitioner, the court warned the police.

The court in another case in December last year had directed Sindh advocate general, law secretary and others to file comments with regard to promulgation of the law which banned the sale and manufacturing of Gutka and Mainpuri in the province.

The court had observed that the manufacture and sale of Gutka and Mainpuri was indeed a serious issue and since no proper legislation made in this regard, the perpetrators were feeling free to continue playing with the lives of people, especially young people, as they thought that even if they were caught, they would be freed either after paying a small amount as fine or facing confinement of few days.

Gutka is a preparation of chewing tobacco made of crushed areca nut, tobacco, catechu, paraffin wax, slaked lime and sweet or savory flavourings.


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