Monday, May 23, 2022

Shocking! Doorbell camera captures floating ‘triangular UFO’


People are always intrigued by the possibility of some extraterrestrial life as we often wonder if mankind is really alone in the entire universe? We raise questions if there are other, alien species somewhere else on this planet as we look at the limitless sky.

What really spike our curiosity, one too many times, are the ‘mysterious object’ sightings we call unidentified flying objects or UFOs. One such event has been reported by a man from England who claimed that a doorbell camera outside his house captured footage of a ‘triangular UFO’ floating across his home.

Here’s the footage that shows a trio of lights moving slowly on the night sky.

Matt Doughty, an Englishman, said he was watching TV with his friend Kevin Barritt when his phone rang for a notification from his smart doorbell, which alarms when something is outside the front door.

Doughty couldn’t find anyone/anything when he got out but an idea instead popped in his head out of curiosity, the local media that reported the event said.

He played the captured footage, and no it’s not like what we hear in stories, curiosity killed the cat. He was left amazed as he watched the unnatural

The scene unfolds, with a UFO treading through the sky with three bright lights beaming through the darkness.

He then called his father, an aviation buff, who checked an online flight tracker and claimed there was ‘no plane traffic’ in the sky at all. It left them pondering over many questions regarding extraterrestrial life.

Man claims his doorbell camera caught UFO.

“I was sat with my friend and said ‘blimey, I didn’t hear the doorbell go but I’ve got an alert come up,” Doughty reportedly said.

“I looked at the footage and played it back. It was silent. Three lights came from the sky and I thought it was really weird,” he added.


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