Thursday, August 11, 2022

Shocking incident: TikTok star falls to death while recording video on crane


A Chinese TikTok star, who was a crane operator by profession, has died after falling from a 160-foot crane while filming a video for her social media followers.

The deceased TikTok star, who has more than 100,000 followers on the platform, was 23-year-old Xiao Qiumei in Quzhou in China’s Zhejiang province. She was reportedly recording a video of her dance moves inside the crane cabin before the unfortunate incident of falling to death due to ‘a misstep’.

tiktok star falls to death crane xiao qiumei china

Xiao Qiumei fell to the ground with her mobile phone still in her hand at around 5:40 pm on June 20 when most of her co-workers went home, according to The Sun. Some witnesses told the media that the phone was still in her hand while she crashed to the ground.

A disturbing video has surfaced online which showed the TikTok star filming herself a few minutes before plunging to her death.

The video being shared widely was reportedly the footage Xiaoqiumei was shooting as it bounced down the crane – although her family have denied that she would have been filming while making her descent.

It showed the camera suddenly drops down and cuts to blurry footage of the crane equipment.

tiktok star falls to death crane xiao qiumei china

Confirming her death, the family said it was the result of an accident, not an internet stunt, reported Dailymail UK.

Xiao Qiumei was among popular content creators and TikTok stars in China and said to be the mother of two children.


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