Sunday, February 5, 2023

Skydivers jump for their lives to escape mid-air crash


A group of skydivers had to jump for their lives during an air crash that involved two aircraft in the skies of Wisconsin state of the United States.

The shaky camera footage, which captured the chaotic situation unravelling, sees them jumping off from their aircraft just before it collided in mid-air.

The video was shared on the micro-blogging social media website Twitter by a user named “Theory”. He wrote that it was one of the wildest moments that has been caught on camera.

All skydivers along with the two pilots were unharmed, according to reports.

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The video has at least 3.9 million views with 61,800 retweets and 276,900 likes and counting.

The social media users have stated that precautions should have been taken and asked that why the planes were flying in such close proximity.

Aviation history has seen some deadliest aircraft collisions which have left hundreds of people dead.

In 1977, two jumbo jets crashed into each other at the Tenerife Airport. The death toll was recorded at 583 and is the deadliest accident in aviation history.

A total of 71 people, including school children, were killed when a civilian and a cargo jet crashed into each other over Germany back in 2002.


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