His meme collects millions of views, but he collects parking tickets

KARACHI: I feel no excitement whatsoever, said Abdul Waheed, once a viral meme due to his peculiar expressions after he qualified an audition of ARY’s Living On The Edge show. “Even then I was not excited like other people, It was meant to happen so it happened.”

Now collecting charged-parking tickets at a Sharea Faisal office building, from morning till evening, Waheed says he is content with what he has got. “This job will not make me a bungalow, but it does help me get by day to day.”

With no family, the sixty-year-old spends his days disciplining and rearranging hundreds of bikes everyday and goes home with what he earns.

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He stresses that sympathies and pity are not the things he’s looking for, as he is satisfied with what’s he earns.
“What’s meant to be, will be, so I never really feel excitement for anything ever” he says of the times when he auditioned for famous Living On The Edge and his expression, lacking standard excitement, went viral.
“Life is a set of different stages, and this now is again just another stage of life where I’m a wage worker while for people, I’m a laughing stock.”
After taking his consent and explaining to him that this interview might as well go viral, but is not meant to disrespect or humiliate him in any way whatsoever, or to make him a staple for meme consumers, Waheed spoke to ARY Stories about his struggles.

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