Wednesday, August 10, 2022

WATCH: Speeding car smashes into chapel after flying through the air


JOHANNESBURG: A video of a horrific car accident in South Africa has gone viral on social media.

CCTV footage shows a speeding car hitting a roundabout and flying over one hundred feet through the air and crashing into a chapel wall in South Africa.

A street camera captured the dramatic moment of what could be a scene straight out of a Hollywood film.

Initial reports said that the car was being driven by an off-duty soldier when it took off on the roundabout who was rushed to a hospital A & E seriously injured but still conscious.

South African Police Service spokesperson Captain Mali Govender said: ‘The driver was bleeding badly and details remain sketchy but we are studying the CCTV camera film.

‘It seems the driver lost control at a traffic circle and hit the school chapel border wall which saved the car going into the chapel itself’.

A first responder at the scene said: “The car took off like a stunt out of a James Bond film but fortunately for the driver the car flew straight and then it came down with a hell of a smash into a solid brick wall.”

Clearly speed was involved and a lack of the driver spotting a well-lit roundabout with lots of warning signs on the approach that there was a roundabout needs to be addressed.


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