Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Strange photo looking like a flying cat puzzles netizens


A photo captured at the Haleakala National Park headquarters in Maui, Hawaii has puzzled the netizens which looked like a strange flying cat.

The photo was captured by Bob White who was fond of seeing ‘Hawaiian goose’ also called ‘nene’.

He got the chance to see it while visiting Haleakala National Park headquarters in Maui, Hawaii where he spotted it flying overhead.

According to The Dodo, Bob White used to love doing The New York Times Crossword puzzle with his dad when he was younger.

One clue that often seemed to come up was “Hawaiian goose,” for which the answer is “nene.” White wondered if he would ever actually get to see a nene out in the wild and finally, he got the chance.

After spotting the bird, White went to grab his camera, but by that point, the bird was already past him. He tried to take a picture anyway — but ended up catching the bird from kind of a weird angle.

White couldn’t help but smile at what he had accidentally captured. He told The Dodo, “As soon as I downloaded the photo, I couldn’t help seeing the cat head, but knowing what it actually was, I knew that I had evidence of having seen it.”

strange photo flying cat hawaiian goose nene

People went pretty wild for it as from that angle, the nene looked more like some sort of strange flying cat, however, it was definitely not a creature most people have seen soaring across the skies before, and as soon as White posted it.

“I’m amazed that the photo got over 5,000 likes in Crap Wildlife Photography, but it really does look like a cat’s head on one of Daenerys Targaryen’s pets,” White said. “I don’t know if the ‘ears’ are its feet or outer rectrices [tail feathers].”

After waiting so long to see a nene, White was hoping to get a cool photo to commemorate the occasion — and the weird cat-bird photo actually worked out just fine.


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