Super Pharmacist: Karachi girl sets out on mission to KO quackery

KARACHI: Sporting her pink mask and her passion to always be ready to roll is Dr Sana —an epitome of resilience in the face of all the challenges on- and off-field and of commitment to her field of pharmacy.

This pharmacist, or Super Pharmacist as ARY Stories would put it, is a classic example of women empowerment.

Soon after she completed her pharmacy doctorate from a local university, Dr. Sana was astounded to see the irregularities in the pharmacy industry and that how quacks have taken over in the space left vacant in the absence of qualified professionals.

This, while disappointed her, did not shake her faith that she can herald a change. Far from it, in fact. Her resilience, in the fact of these on-field challenges, only further shined.

She knew if she must fight back the quackery practice prevalent in the society where people, too credulous to care who they are receiving ‘life-saving’ treatment from, she must shake off all the shackles holding her down and go full-throttle.

“I learned to ride a motorcycle and began my mobile pharmacy.”
Dr Sana

She then bought herself a bike and ventured out towards her war front with a quiver of a backpack full of medical supplies to help those in need. But obviously, this Wonder Woman has her own constraints limiting her march.

She’s limited by her financial restraints or she’d have already begun delivering medicines, too. Dr Sana, however, is not tamed by this, what she terms a temporary hiccup, but she dreams for a higher flight fueled by her dream to bring the change.
Dr Sana

But that not it. Her challenges off-field have also weighed in on her. Since she’s an iconoclast out to break glass ceilings, which she thinks is unfair, to begin with.

“Men try to shoo me when they see me drive a motorcycle as if trying to outdo me in terms of power and strength.”
Dr Sana

She holds her provocations are not only limited to medical field quackery but also the societal construct that brings its women down.