Monday, May 23, 2022

Supreme Court seeks govt report on import of sheesha ingredients


Justice Gulzar Ahmed was hearing the case against sheesha and tobacco smoking. He expressed displeasure and sought replies from the Deputy Attorney General over the sale and availability of items despite the ban by the court.

The Deputy Attorney General said that the government had taken strict action over the sale of sheesha and will also take action against those who import the items.

The court replied that actions must be louder than words and that sought a report over the actions which have been taken in this regard.

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The apex court also inquired the advocate generals from all provincial governments about the implementation of government’s earlier orders of a ban on sheesha smoking at public places.

Additional Advocate General Khyber Pakthunkwa told the court that they have approved legislation in this regard which needs to be ratified by the provincial assembly.

He said that many sheesha cafés in Peshawar used drugs and alcohol in the sheesha instead of the water which is hazardously for the youth but no action was being taken against them.

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Additional Advocate General Sindh said the use of ‘gutka’ had increased in Karachi and approximately 3000 maunds were being procured every month. He said that acids and expired betel nuts were being used in the manufacture of ‘gutka’ which was the responsible for mouth cancer.

The lawyers of all other provinces also said a draft bill of the ban on sheesha and ‘gutka’ was drafted which was ready to be approved by the assemblies. The court adjourned the hearing for four weeks and sought a report on implementation of the law.









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