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WATCH: TV series on Monica Lewinsky to premiere on Sept. 7

A television series debuting next month delves into the impeachment of former U.S. President Bill Clinton, and star Beanie Feldstein said she hopes it...

PML-N Senator tables resolution against presidential order for open-ballot

Opposition leader Raja Zafarul Haq tabled a resolution over a recent presidential ordinance decreeing open-ballot in poll-bound Senate

With Republican firewall, U.S. Senate acquits Trump of inciting deadly Capitol riot

The Senate voted 57-43 in favor of convicting the former president

As impeachment begins, New York accelerates probes of Trump’s property dealings

Criminal and civil investigations into his businesses are accelerating in New York

Trump says White House military aide who testified against him may be out

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Friday the top White House expert on Ukraine might be ousted after testifying against the president.

‘No one above the law,’ Democrats say as Trump trial nears end

"Your duty demands that you convict President Trump," Colorado lawmaker Jason Crow said as prosecutors began presenting their closing arguments at just the third impeachment trial in US history.

Saying Trump did ‘nothing wrong,’ White House opens Senate defense

White House lawyers began presenting their defense of Donald Trump at his historic Senate impeachment trial on Saturday, saying the president had done nothing wrong in his dealings with Ukraine and accusing Democrats of seeking to overturn the results of the 2016 election.

Trump impeachment: What happens next?

Here is what to look out for next as the proceedings advance in U.S. President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate

Donald Trump impeachment: What happens next?

Trump is scheduled to deliver the annual State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress on Feb 4.

Seven House Democrats to argue impeachment case against Trump in Senate

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the seven members of the House of Representatives who will act as prosecutors to lay out impeachment case against President Trump in Senate.

Major World Events Of The Year 2019

Here is a look back at these and other events that marked the year

Trump has one of best weeks – apart from impeachment

Donald Trump kicked off Christmas vacation on Friday after a series of legislative victories gave him one of his best weeks in office

US House impeaches Donald Trump for abuse of power, obstruction

No president in the 243-year history of the United States has been removed from office by impeachment

Donald Trump lashes out at Pelosi, Democrats over impeachment move

Pelosi, Trump wrote, “is turning the House of Representatives from a revered legislative body into a Star Chamber of partisan persecution” while “scarcely concealing your hatred of me.”

Trump pays $2 mn in damages to charities after court ruling

Trump had been accused of using foundation funds to settle lawsuits, promote his Trump-branded hotels

Trump impeachment drive enters crucial week in divided Congress

Democrats accuse Trump of abusing his power by allegedly linking military aid for Ukraine and a White House meeting with President Volodymyr Zelensky to a request.

Democrats huddle to draft impeachment charges against Trump

House Judiciary Committee Democratic lawmakers said they were still in the process of drafting formal charges, known as articles of impeachment.

Explainer: How does impeachment of a US president work?

The founders of the United States feared presidents abusing their powers, so they included in the Constitution a process for removing one from office

Senior Democrat says next step underway in Trump impeachment probe

Democrats have accused Trump of abusing his power by pressuring a vulnerable U.S. ally to interfere in an American election