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‘Melania could divorce Trump anytime after exit from White House’

"Melania is counting every minute until he is out of the office and she can divorce."

After Donald Trump, Melania, Ryanair takes dig at Eric Trump

The budget airline mocked at the possibility that Eric Trump would not be able to travel via Air Force One in future.

#USElection2020: Biden lead widens, but no victory call yet

Trump remained defiant, vowing to press unfounded claims of fraud as a weary, anxious nation waited for clarity in an election that only intensified the country’s deep polarization.

What to expect on US election night and beyond

The coronavirus pandemic, an unprecedented number of ballots cast early, the lack of consistency about how these votes will be counted.

US election 2020: Biden nears finish line with lead in polls, but Trump still close in swing states

With two days to go, Democrat Joe Biden holds a commanding national lead over President Donald Trump amid deep voter concerns about the coronavirus pandemic.