Friday, February 3, 2023

Taliban-led Afghan govt decides to start first anti-polio campaign


ISLAMABAD: The interim government of Afghanistan led by the Taliban has decided to begin its first anti-polio campaign from November 8 to vaccinate children aged up to 5 years.

It would be the first polio vaccination campaign in Afghanistan by the Taliban-led interim government to which the Kabul administration has informed about its decision to Pakistan.

The Afghan health minister issued a letter to the provincial administration and polio emergency operation centre to order the commencement of the preparations ahead of the upcoming anti-polio campaign across the country.

The acting Minister of Public Health of Afghanistan Dr Qalandar Ibad directed the provinces to take necessary steps for running a successful polio vaccination campaign. Dr Ibad also asked the citizens to support the government in the upcoming anti-polio campaign.

afghanistan anti-polio campaign taliban pakistan

Sources told ARY News that one poliovirus case each was reported on Pakistan and Afghanistan this year. Both countries had organised anti-polio drives at the same time in past.

Sources added that the number of poliovirus cases was significantly reduced following the close coordination and contacts between Pakistan and Afghanistan governments.

It is important to mention here that Afghanistan and Pakistan are the only two remaining polio-endemic countries in the world. Coordinated steps and anti-polio campaigning will ensure the eradication of poliovirus from both countries.


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