Saturday, October 1, 2022

Teachers Everywhere; Knowledge Nowhere


Of late, a sizeable workforce has been becoming a part of teaching as a profession, which is known as the ‘Occupation of the Prophets’. On paper, it seems to be indicative of a progression; however, not each individual who has joined it is worthy of being called an ‘educator’.

It is a thousand pities that every ragtag and bobtail have proceeded towards the instructional employment for the sake of revenue generation as opposed to serving the learners through knowledge. Resultantly, it has led to the poor delivery of knowledge to its seekers, who have been getting lectured by those teachers, who have a ‘compulsion’ of instruction. This category of instructors comprises those individuals, who have attained education through the method of cramming in lieu of apprehending the content of the courses.

One must bear that in mind that teaching is an epistemological process, wherein one is expected to instruct with utmost devotion; however, the case is quite the contrary in the beloved Republic of ours, wherein multifarious people opt for it as a profession so as to become free from their assigned duties around 2 PM. This is richly suggestive of their lack of willingness to work in the first place, let alone contributing towards the betterment of the nation through the dissemination of knowledge.

Those who do not have the inclination towards lecturing must not tarnish this noble line of country.

It has also been observed that the prestigious educational institutions have merely been getting administered by those who themselves do not even possess the tertiary level of education (university degrees). It is a sorry state of affairs that administering a school or a college is contingent upon your wealth as opposed to having a relevant education to pander to the needs of the profession.

Crucial steps must be taken so as to make it a licenced profession so as not to permit seasonal teachers in stigmatising the reputation and image of those seasoned preceptors, who have been leaving no stone unturned in contributing their fair share towards the betterment of the students in particular and the society in general.


Syed Muhammad Fahad
Syed Muhammad Fahad is an English lecturer, teacher's trainer, grammarian and CSS mentor

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