Monday, September 27, 2021

Teenager dies after ‘mistaking rat poison for toothpaste’


A teenager in India died when she accidentally brushed her teeth with rat poison instead of her toothpaste.

According to local media reports, Mumbai’s Afsana Khan woke up at 10 in the morning and went to the bathroom to brush her teeth.

She was still feeling drowsy and didn’t realize that she had picked up the rat poison tube instead of her toothpaste.

The deceased didn’t realize what had happened. When brushing her teeth, she notice that it was not the toothpaste and spat it out. She went on with her routine but her condition started to deteriorate with time.

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The teenager didn’t tell her parents at first and began to take medicines out of fear, which led to stomach pains. She went to at least three hospitals for checkups before returning home.

Afsana got an earful from her mother, before finally telling the truth to her parents.

She was immediately taken to a medical facility on Sunday. However, she could not survive and passed away. Afsana is survived by her parent, an elder sister along with two younger brothers.

An autopsy report has mentioned that rat poisoning was the cause of her death. Police have filed an accidental case report and collected the samples for investigation. The statements of her family members have been recorded.

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