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The legacy of Netflix’s ‘Suits’


Powerful people, Opulent interiors, expensive wines, and the infamous cities of crime and the corrupts. These themes have been part of some of the most powerful and compelling Hollywood masterpieces ever contrived. Whether it’s a mafia or action film, or an enthralling drama series of the same taste, Magic is always on the cards.

A writing on Netflix’s Suits in 2022 might be an outdated one, but it is worth writing about the ones which made history, the exceptional ones, the treat for every generation to come. The Suits drama series have had enough impact to become a part of the mainstream culture- not to mention stating the impact it COULD make on those who haven’t watched it yet.

Mike Ross is a street-smart struggler with a photographic memory living in New York City. He himself is a dropout but clears LSAT (An examination for enrolling into Law schools) for students who are not competent enough. All he has in the world is his grandma as his parents died in a car crash.

Table turns for Mike Ross when he makes his way into an interview room with one of the most powerful lawyers in the city: Harvey Specter. Harvey realizes Mike’s potential and decides to take him as his new junior associate despite the fact the Mike hasn’t gone to law school. But that will be the secret just between the two, or would it?

Mike is soon employed at Pearson Hardman who is arguably the city’s most prestigious Law firm, where everyone is an alumnus of Harvard. Though Mike is adamant is keeping his secret, he soon realizes that there are things in this firm far more serious than his.

The series soon flows with a plethora of scenarios in which Harvey and Mike skills are put to test, in which these two often make a good team as well as rivals. Millions of dollars are bribed, dozens are hurt, the lawyers dig deep like detectives, and life takes a blow when the line between personal and professional is blurred.

Actor Gabriel Macht has portrayed the character of the great hotshot Harvey Specter. His personality blends into Harvey like a bunch of bananas into milk. Gabriel naturally walks and talks like Harvey and when you see the series, the character personality and the assigning it to the actor makes you least question the cast selection.

Harvey is a ladies’ man. He’s handsome and too much groomed, not to mention successful, He works as the best closer of Jessica Pearson, his boss.  He has been depicted as a confident and successful lawyer who is at often times too arrogant to be tolerated, yet too attractive to hold back.

The same can’t be said about his new associate Mike Ross.  Played by Patrick J Adams, a Canadian actor who has made a name in Hollywood because of his prowess, Mike Ross is an emotional young guy set out to tackle the old mean world.

He is sympathetic and feels for others. Apart from this, his acing knowledge about the law and highly effective communication skills enables him to sit with the big wigs. Mike has some serious history and Patrick J. Adams seems to be the perfect actor to take up his characteristics and to show them with utter originality.

The show also stars Rick Hoffman, Sarah Rafferty, Gina Torres and Meghan Markle.

Suits is a powerful Netflix series where minds who have gone through movies like Scarface and Devil’s Advocate and Mad Men would find comfort in. It’s a big man series with bits of romance and at times overwhelming drama. It’s a nine-season series, an indication that it has been a successful endeavor.

The Show itself has interesting facts such as the starring of Meghan Markle, the British Royal. The show’s script has been inspired by the writer Aaron Korsh himself when he used to work with a guy named Harvey as an investment banker at the mean Wall Street of NYC. The two protagonists are also the directors of the show, giving them extra credit and weight.

Despite being a typical New York Drama, Suits has majority of its scenes being shot in Toronto Canada. It was hard, even for the Americans and the Canadians to spot the difference on this one.

When it comes to script, apart from its meticulous devising, its personal.  The character of Mike has been inspired by the author himself.  What he sees in Mike is himself few years ago.

Aaron Korsh is therefore highly attached and involved.  He sees the character of him living another life on screens. Achieving things better and with more shrewdness, and tackling opportunities better.

A project in which the actors are extra invested since they are the producers, with a script that is excessively personal, Suits is a worthwhile child of some of the talents with immense potential. And even though there are minor misses, its is highly recommended as a piece of art dedicated to enthrall a number of generations.


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