Monday, June 27, 2022

Money Heist’s Professor in Pakistan? The lookalike speaks up


The Professor from the Spanish hit show Money Heist is one of the most iconic characters of the showbiz industry. Its doppelganger from Pakistan Israr Khan rose to fame for his stark resemblance to the character.

Israr Khan came as a guest on the ARY Digital morning show Good Morning Pakistan which is hosted by Nida Yasir in a three-piece suit. and spoke about his private life and how his close ones reacted when the show first aired on Netflix five years ago.

He said that he was not into studies but interested in heists and robberies like the character, played by Alvaro Morte.


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Israr Khan, speaking about his family, said that he has a wife but no children. He added that his father has passed away and is survived by his mother.

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He admitted to his mother thinking of him playing the role instead of the Spanish actor. However, his wife does not find any resemblance between the two.

Israr Khan said he had to search high and dry for the Professor’s signature glasses. He added that he used to spend hours in a shop for weeks.

In Money Heist, the Professor leads a gang of robbers to carry out heists in the Royal Mint of Spain and the Bank of Spain throughout the five seasons.


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