Sunday, August 14, 2022

German engineer creates this age’s ‘cup of Jamshaid’; you can now look at whole universe in a sphere


German engineer and founder of CinkS labs has created what you can call this age’s ‘cup of Jamshaid’; though you can’t use it for scrying, it may make your day any day.

Clemens Mojo, a technology enthusiast has ‘captured a whole universe in a sphere’. Yes, the magical art piece he has created  is so amazing that it has attracted demands from across the globe.

The German engineer has laser-compacted the structure of Laniakea, the supercluster of galaxies we are part of.

Before we go into detail, lets comprehend what galaxy and Laniakea are: a galaxy is a system of stars, stellar remnants, interstellar gas, dust, and dark matter bound with gravitational force and Laniakea consists of 380,000 galaxies.

So, this tremendous structure of 380,000 galaxies can now be yours for only 39€.

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In this very sphere, every one of the 380,000 lasered dots is not only a star, but an entire galaxy with billions of stars.

If we travel through our entire galaxy, Milky Way, it would take 120,000 years with the speed of light to cross it. Milky Way contains of 300 billion stars.

While, a journey to our nearest neighborhood, the Andromeda galaxy, would last around 2.5 million years with the speed of light.

And there we are, at the first tiny dot, next to our own tiny dot in the center of this very sphere. If you add the next 100, 000 Galaxies you can see the structure of Laniakea, our home supercluster. Laniakea is around 160 megaparsec in size and of course surrounded by even larger structures.

The diameter of the cloud of galaxies in the sphere is around 250 megaparsec (Mpc). One Parsec is equal to 3.2616 light years, which means, that the cloud is 815,400,000 lightyears in diameter. 815 million years of travel, with the speed of light, captured in an 8cm glass sphere.

Clemens has reached the conclusion with all these information that “we can’t be alone in the universe.”

Clemens narrates how is the sphere made:

I took a katalogue of galaxies and chose every galaxy in a radius of 125 Mpc. I converted the data and found a company, which was able to laser these 675 758 galaxies into a glass sphere.

Some galaxies were too close to each other, so they merged together. There are in total 380,000 dots in this 8cm (3.14″) sphere and it weighs 0.8Kg (1,76lb).

The inner structure reflects light, so it looks really nice, if you put it on an LED, but it is also really good to see without an extra light. The brightness changes with the perspective, so you can spend hours looking into the Sphere.

It comes in a black gift box with black velvet inside.

Here is the video that inspired Clemens to engineer the universe sphere:



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