Wednesday, October 5, 2022

This optical illusion will reveal if you are introvert or extrovert


Optical illusions sometimes blow our minds away with the accurate description they offer of our personality. Every person has a different perspective and sees different things in an illusional image.

This time, another optical illusion is getting viral on the internet that claims to reveal whether you are a shy introvert or a hyperactive extrovert.

Look at the image below. The first image that you see will determine whether you are an introvert or an extrovert.

Optical illusion


If you have spotted a keyhole first, you are an extrovert!

You are always bursting with energy and it is a party with you around. You love people and your energy draws many to you. When it comes to your mind, you have an inquisitive one. You don’t prefer believing anything and everything fed to you by others.

A person crying

If you spotted a person crying first, you are an introvert!

You are innately reserved and you are picky about the people that you hang out with. You think a lot before saying “yes” and spontaneity is not one of your strengths. Your personality makes it difficult for you to be expressive. It often makes others think that you don’t care. However, you are deeply emotional and have the desire to present things better to your loved ones.


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