Thursday, June 30, 2022

This scam text will hack your WhatsApp account in seconds


A dangerous scam text will hack any WhatsApp account in seconds for which the users need to be beware to avoid losing their accounts.

A verification code scam is considered one of the most clever methods of getting access to a WhatsApp account.

The users could receive a text message from WhatsApp with a login code that is actually the account’s two-factor authentication code.

whatsapp scam text two-factor authentication code hack

The two-factor authentication code allows the users to log in to their accounts as it confirms that the real users are possessing the linked phone number.

The scam text could be received by the user from a friend or family member, saying, “Hey! I accidentally sent you my WhatsApp log-in code. Could you send it back to me please?”

WhatsApp users must be beware that the message came from the scammer who is actually trying to gain access to your account, so never ever reply to the message.

whatsapp scam text two-factor authentication code hack

It will also confirm that the hacker has gained access to one of your contacts and now trying to hack your WhatsApp account by waiting to get the two-factor verification code.

The hacker can easily boot you out of your WhatsApp account after getting the code besides repeating the same scam to other persons who are residing in your contact list including family members and friends.


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