Wednesday, August 17, 2022

One-Second TikTok clip saves man from cancer


TikTok comes to the rescue of a young man, a second long glimpse on the video app saved Alex from potential Skin cancer.

Alex Griswold, a 25-year-old TikToker from New York owed his life to TikTok, possibly saving him from Skin Cancer. It all began back in 2020 with a sneak peek into his happy married life, a short compilation of random activities featuring one of the mole-popping clips.

Soon after the video was shared, Alex said to receive messages from two strangers on the application, hinting at the probability of a cancerous mole on his back and urged him to see a dermatologist.

However, without paying much heed to the matter, Alex continued with his life for the coming days. “I had less than 100,000 followers and really wasn’t receiving a lot of DMs so the persistent messages from those two users really stood out,” said the TikToker.

“For a few weeks, I almost didn’t take their advice because I didn’t really think it would be a problem.”

Alex eventually went up to a doctor and got it removed, only to find more of it on the skin turning into cancer.

“The doctor said, ‘whoever told you, probably saved your life’,” Alex mentioned in the video, as he thanked the two strangers.

“If I had continued to look at my mole as a thing to not worry about, I’m not confident how the whole situation would have ended,” he said.


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