Wednesday, August 10, 2022

WATCH: Tourist attraction in China lets visitors fly over river


From walking on water to flying across the river, a tourist attraction in China now gives visitors a chance to turn their kung fu dreams into reality.

The Xiatianxia Tourist Area is a popular tourist spot in Fujian Province where people can dress up in traditional costumes and turn into any character they like and enjoy an experience of a lifetime.

A video of the location was shared by South China Morning Post, which features people waltzing in the air and attempting stunts often done in movies.

In the clip, which has now garnered over 1,500 views, tourists are lifted in the air using wires attached to their waists. After that, they can either soar across the water, use prop weapons or even run on the water. According to the news website, the wire is 600 metres long and 20 metres off the ground.

The attraction, which was recently launched in the park, was inspired by the movies where actors are seen flying in the sky, Wang Shoumin, a spokesperson said in the clip.

The experience costs 128 yuan ($20) which involves costume, props, make-up and hairstyling. Moreover, they can also take weapons with them in the sky.


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