Sunday, September 25, 2022

Twitter adds crescent moon emoji automatically to #Ramzan tweets


As Muslims gear up for the annual month of Ramzan, Twitter also added a bit of its own innovation to mark the holy month. Upon tweeting #ramzan, a crescent appears in the tweet beside the message.  Twitter first announced this service last year to signify their support and respect for Muslim traditions around the world.

Ramzan is the holy Islamic month in which Muslims around the globe fast for the whole month. A fast or as it is known in Arabic as Saum commences from Fajr time before dawn and concludes at sunset, at the time of Maghrib prayer. Muslims are prohibited to eat, drink or indulge in sexual acts during this time.

For many Muslims in Saudi Arabia, today is the first Ramzan. Pakistanis will observe the beginning of Ramzan from tomorrow.


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