Friday, May 27, 2022

Twitter user shows tricks of trade for accurate Google searches


A Twitter user believes people are not using Google the right way for their searches and has come up with new ideas for getting desired results in a quick and easy way.

“If you use it right, Google is the most powerful tool in the world,” Chris Hladczuk said as quoted by foreign news agency. “But the truth is most people suck at it.

“Here are eight Googling tips that you probably don’t know.”

So, let’s take a quick look at the tips and tricks he has come up with.

He says using quotation marks between phrases, for example using “Pakistan Zindabad”, is the easiest way to get the exact results of the phrase.

The hyphen sign will help in the elimination of two-word phrase searches. If we use “Manchester-United”, then it will give results about the city only.

By using the tilde sing, will get synonyms for the searched terms. For example, searching “money heist ~ merchandise,” then Google will give information about its shirts, sunglasses, bags etc.

Two items can be searched at once using vertical bars between the two. If we type football|tennis. Then we will only get results about the two sports only during searches.

The use of double full stops will bring searches about an item between the mentioned time frames. If we want to look for books from 1981 to 1982, then searching with “books 1981..1982” will give results for the items during the given years.

Google also beings location-based searches. For example, if we type “saddar location:karachi”, then we will get search results from either of the two places mentioned in the headlines.

The “file type” option also comes in handy while searching files instead of websites. If we use, “brett lee filetype:docx” then word files will show up for the Australian cricketer.


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