Tuesday, September 27, 2022

UK house with no electricity, freshwater, internet goes on sale for £550,000!!


Would you be willing to settle for a house in a picturesque location by the sea but devoid of internet, electricity and freshwater supply?

If this is your idea of a dream home and lifestyle, you might want to look commit to this off-grid house by the sea in Devon, the UK, that is currently in the market with an asking price of £550,000 (Rs 5.56 crore).

The house offers serene views and peaceful living surrounded by nature. It gives you the opportunity to embrace nature in a raw sense. The location of the house is just above the National Trust-owned Mansands beach.

The house has two large bedrooms with a loft room above. It has a lounge, a dining room, a front, and rear porch, two extra bedrooms, a shower room, and a kitchen. The place is spread over a sprawling 1,345 sq ft of interior space.

With no modern-day amenities, internal heating takes place through multi-fuel burners, according to the local daily. The gas cooker and lamps in the kitchen are powered by LPG gas. A harvesting system has been installed in the house so that rainwater can be recycled and used.

The seller of the property, Michelle Stevens said, “You can enjoy your own private oasis, listening to the waves crashing and retreat from the stresses of everyday life.”

But the house surely has some drawbacks which might force the buyer to think twice. The house does not have electricity, internet or any water connections which are essential no matter how badly you want to live amidst nature.


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