Monday, July 4, 2022

Ukraine war: Man puts rocket in car; here’s what happened next


An explosion hit the car in which the driver was transporting a rocket from Ukraine to Russia.

The incident took place in the Mytishchi, just 10 miles northeast of Moscow.

A foreign news agency reported that a retired military officer Viktor Kovtykov was coming to Russia with his friend Nikolay Podobrazny with the hand-held anti-tank explosive in his car’s trunk.

The Swedish Pansarskott 86 (AT-4) launcher went off because of the β€˜detonation of ammunition’. The report stated that items, which are similar to army hand grenade launchers, were also in the trunk.

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Both Viktor Kovtykov and Nikolay Podobrazny were injured in the explosion.

The pictures were shared by Ukraine Weapons Tracker on Twitter. They show the destroyed car with its rear destroyed. There was scattered debris across the street outside a house.

They advised that picking weapons from a battlefield is not wise.

“Why it is unwise to take items from the battlefield: Today, a Swedish Pansarskott 86 (AT-4) launcher exploded in the truck of a civilian car- not in UA, but in Mytishchi, Russia,” the tweet read.

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights verified at least 3,778 civilian deaths during Russia’s military attack out of which 251 were children. At least 4,186 people were injured.


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