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Uncharted: Movie Review


Uncharted on Netflix is movie which offers mix feelings. On one side it casts the idea of inspiration drawn from the famous India Jones series, while on the other, it’s one of the opportunities provided to Tom Holland to shine and Mark Wahlberg to maintain his legacy on the big screen.

There is another side too, that is the big one. The movie is based on the famous Uncharted action and adventure game series. But does the movie makes up for the popular game is something one could search for anywhere on the internet.


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But how Uncharted lands on the minds of others, the ones who have not played the game is something worth considering. And that’s why I am giving my two cents on it, as a person who has not played the game.

Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) is a boy too smart for his age. He seems a fitness freak who has grown up as an orphan. He works at a bar but conning and pickpocketing people things while finding a bigger purpose in life. He has last memories of his brother Sam who runs away from the orphanage , promising young Nathan that he will visit him soon.

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After all these years, Nathan is still hoping to see his long-lost brothers, who occasionally only sends him postcards. Until the dubious Sully (Mark Wahlberg) approaches him at the bar. Sully wants to discover the lost treasure of the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan.

At first Nathan is skeptical but when Sully mentions the treasure of being the long dream of his brother Sam. Nathan unconditionally agrees to it. And what follows is what would resemble a modern Indiana Jones adventure.

Tom Holland, the boy from Spiderman is still adored among the masses. You just can’t keep the Peter Parker out of him. Even in Uncharted, fans can’t help but see him as the Spiderman. His body and stunts are similar to his previous super hero movie. But at times that is what prevents his true potential blooming.

Tom Holland as Nathan Drake in Uncharted struggles in keeping his character unique and original. The character at times lacks common sense such as not knowing who to trust and counting too much on luck. He loyally follows the clues and maps which is often seem scripted for his ease (Clues and maps are supposed to be challenging to make them look genuine).

At times when Nathen even does display his shrewdness and skills, he seems less original and faking a curious mind, as if he is already cognizant which key would fit the hole and is pretending to act focused.

Mark Wahlberg, the man who has appeared in too many movies but despite this always succeeds in pulling off the characters. I doubt I recall someone as versatile as Wahlberg in Hollywood. He is one of those handful actors who have maintained the art of portraying compelling comedy on the screen.

As an avid Bollywood movie buff, I have always compared Mark Wahlberg to Akshay Kumar, a similar versatile artist known for his comic role that are varied and highly indulging while grabbing too many movie projects in a year.

Wahlberg’s character Sully is a roguish explorer and detective combo personality. He is extremely smart and knows how to sway people. One can watch him exchanging convincing words with people, persuading them to take action.

Sully also has a soft side which is witnessed when you’re done with more than half of the movie. He is bold and not afraid to take the risks, despite being selfish few times.

The movie also features the legendary Antonio Banderas, the hot shot Spanish actor whose movies have been one of the primary sources of my childhood entertainment. I will never forget his movies of Mask of Zorro and Legend of Zorro, Desperado and Once upon a Time in Mexico.

It is quite saddening to see Antonio as a character which adds little value to the project. His portrayal f the incompetent Spanish heir Santiago Moncada is a laugh to the charisma and the standard, the actor has brought to Cinema throughout his years.

Santiago Moncada tends to live in his fantasy world of reclaiming his family lost treasure. His father is disappointed of him and plans to give away all his wealth instead of appointing his son as the heir until he has him assassinated.


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Surprisingly, Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland seem to blend together. Their chemistry brings new light and life to the movie which could have been dull and unanimated.

Nathan’s a street-smart kid but is naïve when the element of trust appears. Sully’s smartness compliments Nathan beautifully and their unusual bromance is quite apparent especially after half the movie.

What puts off Uncharted is its script. While being based on a game, a movie tends to adapt a distinct and a human version of script. The dialogues and scenes here are lacking massive depths. The characters lack enough background and the writers seem to be hastily gone with the flow.

With little meaningful conversation between the characters, Uncharted gives a dull view. I assume as if the movie has solely been based on the ones familiar with the actual game. But what about those who have not?

Let’s talk about the director, Ruben Fleischer is an equally talented man behind lens and the strategy. He is well versed in various projects and is an enthusiast of bringing something new to the screens.

Ruben is one of the big guys of Hollywood. His Venom series has been instrumental in upping his game. Before that he was majorly known of his Zombieland series.

Ruben Fleischer’s behind Uncharted is a message is wants to deliver, that video game adaptations are another forte he has mastered himself in. Despite a script which could have been made better, Ruben’s strategy makes the film a bit more than just bearable. His directed stunts and cinematics are simply what steals the show of the film.

The movie Uncharted will give you various feelings, especially if you are not aware of the game.

While it successfully holds on the attention of the viewers, its halfhearted script barely manages to amuse you as you will struggle finding meaning in it.

Uncharted is currently streaming on Netflix Pakistan.


Shargeel Sheikh
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