Wednesday, December 8, 2021

‘Unluckiest couple in Britain’ named, here’s why


A former couple got the honour of being called ‘the unluckiest couple in Britain’ as they won £3 million in the lottery but could not claim their winnings after they lost their winning ticket, a foreign news agency.

It all started when Martyn Tott and Kay played the lottery every week for the past two decades.

In a notice, regular lottery players were to come forward and claim their winning and they found themselves lucky as all of the numbers got added up but their luck turned out to be a nightmare as they had lost their winning ticket.

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As a result, they could not claim the prize.

It was reported that Camelot, which had organized the lottery, did not pay them the winning prizes despite being shown documented evidence from a computer, which showed that the winning ticket was purchased from a shop.

The rules mentioned that the lost tickets have to be reported within 30 days.

The story about the ‘unluckiest couple’ had become a media sensation with former prime minister Tony Blair giving his comments.

It was a five-year battle by the two but they gave up and ended their relationship as well.

Martyn, speaking about the relationship, said the lost lottery ticket showed how different the two were from each other.

“She thought I wasn’t paying her enough attention,” he said as quoted in the report. “I thought she was ignoring our opportunity to right the wrong.”

He added: “We’d only known each other for two years and the Lottery ordeal quickly highlighted our differences. All we did was bicker. Sadly, both of us agreed we should split and Kay moved out.”

A writ petition was filed by Martyn again the lottery organizers but he took his case back due to high legal fees.

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