Thursday, August 11, 2022

Vessel carrying smuggled Iranian oil cargo seized in Karachi


KARACHI: Intelligence agencies and Customs officials in a joint operation, has captured a large consignment of Iranian oil illegally brought to Karachi in a ship, ARY News reported on Friday.

A vessel of a private oil company captured with 100,000 tonnes of Iranian oil cargo smuggled to Karachi, sources said.

According to sources, the ship was anchored at a SPM or a floating jetty of a private oil company.

The government agencies on an intelligence report acted promptly and now the ship carrying smuggled oil cargo has been in the custody of the Customs authorities, sources further said.

It is pertinent to mention here that there is an international embargo on oil trade with Iran.

The Iranian oil cargo was brought to Pakistan by tampering shipment documents, according to the sources.

Smuggled Iranian oil is cheaper in comparison to the oil from other countries and could be purchased in half price of the oil imported from other oil producing countries.

“A top official of the Ministry of Petroleum is also involved in the import of the illegal oil cargo,” sources claimed.

According to sources, secret agencies have conducted several raids at the office of the private oil company allegedly involved in the matter.


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