Wednesday, January 19, 2022

VIDEO: Mountain lion stares down two hikers


A wildlife photographer and his hiking companion came face to face with a mountain lion in Trabuco Canyon, California.

In an Instagram post, Mr Girardeau wrote that their encounter with the mountain lion lasted two minutes before the big cat backed down. He went on to add that the duo was hiking after checking trail cams and “all of a sudden saw something brown running up the hill towards us”.

During the span, the hikers stood their ground and Mr Girardeau shouted “get back” at the lion several times.


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He explained his defence mechanism in his post. “Mountain lions do not seek humans out to feed on and this is why it’s good to hold your ground because any prey item for mountain lions runs away. Attacks on humans are extremely rare and you’re more likely to win the lotto or get struck by lightning.”

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The best way to handle the situation, according to Mr Girardeau, is by “announcing yourself (to the mountain lion) and assert dominance over the situation”.


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