Monday, September 26, 2022

Video of dance party in moving Tezgam passenger train goes viral


KARACHI: The dance video recorded in a moving Tezgam passenger train went viral on social media that brought a bad name to Pakistan Railways.

The Pakistan Railways administration did not take any notice of the viral video which showed a dance party of transgender persons organised in a moving passenger train.

It showed the obscene dance performance in a Pakistan Railways passenger train being administered by the private sector. It was not the first video of such events being continuously organised in the privately-administered passenger trains of the Pakistan Railways.

It was learnt that the dance party of the transgender persons was held in Tezgam Express train’s dining car by the train manager in the presence of women and children.

A few months ago, the security flaws of the PR trains due to the negligence of the railway administration have been exposed as a passenger was gang raped by the security guards besides several reported incidents of misconduct and accidents.

Following the media report, Federal Minister for Railway Khawaja Saad Rafique took notice and ordered to penalise the responsible persons, according to the spokesperson.

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A show cause notice was also issued to the private operator who is responsible for the commercial management of the passenger train. The spokesperson added that the operator’s licence will be cancelled if it fails to give a satisfactory reply.


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