Saturday, December 4, 2021

WATCH: Stunning footage captures migration of millions of crabs


Footage has been taken by a professional photographer capturing migration of crabs on the Christmas Island and being dubbed their annual march.

It’s the world’s biggest annual crab migration as they make their way back to the Pacific Ocean, with so many of the them that roads have to be closed to make way. Photographer Kirsty Faulkner, 40, captured the stunning sight this weekend.

crabs migration

Kirsty said: ‘It’s just incredible, everybody that you see, whether they have grown up on the island or people like me who moved here more recently, think it’s amazing.

crabs Christmas Island

‘It’s a wonderful thing for people to see, it just never gets old.’ Kirsty said the 45million crabs are half-way down the island using bridges and tunnels to either scamper over or under roads. ‘When they migrate we’re very conscious about where we walk and drive,’ she said.

crabs annual march

‘The crabs can look a little bit creepy on the time-lapse video but it really is amazing to see.’

‘We have road closures which depend on where the crabs are. ‘The National Parks team put up barriers along a lot of the roads on the island to keep them safe.



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