Thursday, June 30, 2022

Viral: 62-year-old woman climbs mountain, surprises everyone


Mumbai: A video of a frail 62-year-old woman from India climbing a mountain has surprised netizens. I am fulfilling my dream, says the woman. 

According to media reports, a woman named Nagaratnama surprised everyone by climbing the second highest peak in the Indian state of Kerala.

A short video of her climbing a mountain went viral on social media, in which she is wearing a sari and climbing the summit with the help of ropes. Netizens have been stunned by the determination of the woman.

Nagartama said that she has been busy with household responsibilities and child-bearing for the past 40 years, but now that her children are adults, she can fulfil her dreams.

She climbed the mountain peak along with her son and some of his friends.

Earlier, a 72-year-old woman was also found walking on an adventure zip line in a park in Kerala.


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