Monday, October 3, 2022

VIRAL: Avalanche puts man in life or death situation


A scary video that shows an adventure seeker being hit by an avalanche while climbing a mountain is viral.

The scary event happened when ice-climber Leland Nisky of Colorado was climbing on the top of The Ribbon in Ouray on February 8.

Leland Nisky posted his video on Instagram. He recalled his ordeal in the caption.


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“This was probably one of the most terrifying experiences I’ve had while solo climbing,” he wrote. “Took absolutely every ounce of strength I could muster to keep holding onto my tools.

“I was on edge about posting this to social media, but it seemed too insane that I had caught it on camera to not. Grateful for years of experience and training in stressful situations to keep me calm and allow me to make it through this freak situation and get back home safe.”


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A post shared by Leland Nisky (@nemonisky)

The report by a foreign news agency stated that the man, who was without a safety rope, was pelted by the avalanche when being 400 feet off the ground.

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The adventure seeker hung on from his tools and began axing the mountainside just when the avalanche started.

The adventure seeker managed to hang from his tools and axed the mountainside when the avalanche started to unfold. His experience helped him cling to his tools before moving his feet to the left.

The scary situation lasted for two minutes. The man then shook the snow off him before realizing that he climbed nearly 10-feet above his anchor.


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