Monday, August 8, 2022

VIRAL: Bull brings peace among animals; here’s how


An Instagram video of a dangerous bull interrupting a fight between two bullocks is going viral across social media platforms.

The viral video, which was liked by millions of users, was posted by Instagram user ‘charminganimalsdaily’.

In the viral video, we can see two white-coloured oxes locking their horns and trying to stay on their ground. The black bull suddenly enters the fight to stop it.

However, one of the bullocks goes flipping over the other. The tussle came to an end and the two oxes went their separate ways.

Two men are seen watching the fight on their horses in the background as well.

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It is not the first time that animals have interrupted situations to save their own and humans alike from grave situations.

A heart-warming video emerged on the internet which highlighted the baby elephant wading through the river to save his human friend.

The video shows the wonderful bond between Kham Lha, the elephant, and his trainer, Darrick.

Footage captured at the Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand shows the trainer swimming in water. Kham Lha, in the meantime, misunderstands and thinks Darrick needs help. So the elephant rushes to rescue her human, almost as if it were a reflex action.

Earlier, elephants managed to save a calf from drowning.

The baby elephant was standing with an adult when it fell down a waterhole. The adults realized that the calf was in danger and swam all the way to push him off the water.


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