Saturday, July 2, 2022

Can you find all eight animals in this puzzle picture?


A puzzle picture asking viewers to find all eight hidden animals is going viral across social media platforms. 

It first looks like a simple image with tree branches in it. But it’s more than that. 

The braches are mixed which makes it shapes of different animals. Three animals can be seen on the left and right sides each while the remaining are between them.

It is pertinent that picture puzzles and illusions can be found across the internet. The challenges which come with them are made for eye-sight tests along with concentration and IQ level.

Recently, an optical illusion that asks netizens to find a hidden bird within a minute is going viral on the social media application Twitter. 

The viral illusion picture was captured by Laurence Debailleul from Belgium when she was climbing Ben Wyvis in North Inverness. 

She took the picture of a bird hidden which was camouflaged by the surroundings.

It first seemed as if like there are rocks everywhere on the hillside. If we take a close look, the bird can be seen resting at the bottom left of the image. 

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An optical illusion has left social media users confused as to what and how many numbers are inside the puzzle.

The illusion picture was posted on the micro-blogging social media application by user @benonwine. It showed a black and white circle that has numbers. The changing pattern has become a puzzle for the netizens.

“Do you see a number?” the question read. “If so, what number?”

It turned out that the illusion picture is a case of contrast sensitivity.


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