Sunday, August 14, 2022

Can this optical illusion make you colour blind?


An optical illusion which tricks the viewers into believing they are temporarily colour blind is going viral across social media.

The viral optical illusion was shared by TikTok user Professor AMX who has millions of followers. He claimed the clip reveals how remarkable the eyes are. 

It starts off as a black and white photo that he took when he was in Ethiopia. He gives simple instructions after it gets displayed in false colour.

He told the viewers to stare at the white dot in the centre of the false coloured picture for 20 seconds.

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“We’re trying to adjust the sensitivity of the light receptors in your eyes to the different colors of the image,” the user said.

The reason for the eyes seeing the image in full colour is because the brain perceives the same when the original in black-and-white reappears.

It creates a shirt-lasting effect which affects vision.

The cones in our eyes, which interprets colour, get desensitised after focusing on the white dot in the given time.


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