Tuesday, June 28, 2022

WATCH: Electric scooter catches fire by itself


The video of a private company-made electric scooter catching fire by itself is going viral across social media applications.

The viral video was shared on the micro-blogging application Twitter. The clip sees smokes coming from the underneath electric scooter. The two-wheeler then erupts in flames.

The uploader said that the fire was caused due to a battery issue. He added there were no casualties.

The company launched an investigation following the incident. Here’s what social media had to say.

Earlier, the video of an electronic scooter catching intense fire grabbed the social media users’ attention towards the technology.

A Twitter user Patrao shared the minute and 51-second clip in which the scooter is seen emitting smoke.

It shortly catches fire and the intensity goes higher and lower with each second. The people are seen running for safety.


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