Monday, August 8, 2022

Father runs outside house with daughter just before earthquake


An inspiring video that sees a man saving his daughter before the earthquake struck his house is going viral.

The viral video, posted on Instagram by FailArmy, showed the man sitting on the chair and working. The girl was seated at the table. He suddenly grabbed the girl and ran outside his house.

The clip then showed items moving and swaying. It was clear that an earthquake was about to strike.


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The surveillance camera footage from outside their house saw the man holding his daughter and the mother joined in as well.

In the caption, FailArmy came up with a term called Dadstincts which means the ability to sense earthquakes while wearing jorts.

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The video has more than two million likes with over 10,000 comments. Here’s what they said.

  • Barefoot in the snow, that’s a devoted dad right there 😩😩👏🏾👏🏾
  • Great man, save the child first 💯
  • I see no fail. Just a great dad.
  • Great dad!.. for those saying he left his wife…as a wife myself I’d rather my kid gets saved. Even after birth you usually ask your partner to follow the baby around cuz ur concern becomes your kid..that’s how parental love is.
  • 😮😍well He thought of his Daughter safety first, but they he was happy to see his wife came out safe too.
  • If anyone bashed him for leaving his wife behind, they don’t know what the word “parent” means. You’re instinct as a father or mother is to ALWAYS PROTECT your innocent young CHILD FIRST. The mother would’ve don’t the same! Parental love means the sacrifice of oneself for your children. I would’ve been proud of my husband if he did that. This guy did the right thing: Father of the Year ⭐️ He was also sitting with his child at the dining room table for a meal… that alone wins him the trophy for Good Dad 🏆🤩

It is pertinent to mention that people can save themselves by staying aware of what is happening and displaying quick things. The viral video makes us wonder if it was his sixth sense telling him that the earthquake was about to strike.




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