Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Horses ‘walk’ on water, video goes viral


A bizarre video of two horses ‘walking on water’ in the United States is going viral across social media platform.

The viral video was recorded by Kelli Rogers, 58, when she was paddleboarding with her grandchildren on the Salt River in Tonto National Forest in Arizona state.

The woman was stunned to see the two wild horses were floating on the water.

The clip showed the animals standing on a raft on the surface of the water as the scenery passes by. In reality, they were in shallower water than Kelli when she was filming the moment.

It seemed as if they were near her her and the children than the scenery behind them, which made it look like the animals were moving but in reality they were staying still.

“It was crazy. It wasn’t until I got home and looked at the video that I was like “oh, they look like they’re floating,” the 58-year-old told a foreign news agency.

“She added: ‘It was one of those moments where they were stood completely still in a few inches of water. As we passed by, they didn’t move. They just don’t stand still like that often.'”


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