Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Viral: How English can be taught through mathematics


A video of a mathematics teacher solving a simple English question with the help of equations went viral.

We have often heard people saying that mathematics is a problem solver to any question and the professor solved the question in his unique way.

“If grew is grown then flew = ?” the question read.

He starts off by putting grew as the nominator and grown as the dominator with equals to flew over the denominator variable ‘y’.

Then, y gets cross multiplied with grew thus making it (y.grew) whereas flew got cross multiplied with grown (flew.grown).

The teacher assigns grew both as a nominator and denominator with equals to (flew.grown) over denominator grew.

The mathematics teacher goes on to cancel all the alphabets of grew with those in the denominator. Thus, proving that the answer was indeed flown.

Here’s how social media reacted to the professor’s unique method of solving English questions.

The Twitter video is close to getting 30,000 likes with over 800 likes and more than 250 retweets.


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