Sunday, August 14, 2022

Viral: Mother elephant saves calf from drowning in river


BENGAL: In a heartwarming incident, an elephant mother can be seen in a video saving her calf from drowning in the river.

In a now-viral video shared by an Indian Forest Officer, a herd of elephants can be seen crossing a river to go into the forest. However, a mother and her calf left behind as the baby starts drifting away due to the fast-flowing water.

The baby elephant wobbles due to the flow of water and is carried away by the river. However, soon enough, the mother was able to get a hold of the calf’s trunk and both of them exited the river safely.

Soon, both mother and her calf are seen exiting the river and moving towards the anxiously waiting herd.

“Mother elephant saving calf from drowning is the best thing you watch today. Video was shot near Nagrakata in North Bengal. Via WA,” Indian Forest Officer Parween Kaswan says in the caption of the video.

A mother’s love and affection for her child is universal. She can even risk her own life to protect her child, and the feeling transcends species.

The video has received over 70,000 views and over 3,500 likes on Twitter since being shared earlier today. Citizens were absolutely delighted after watching the mother save her child so bravely and took to the comments section to express their thoughts.



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