Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Restaurant commits ‘culinary crime’ with simple local snack


We have seen weird kinds of food and culinary creations and dishes. Some of them have become a sensation and others have made it into the news for the wrong reasons. The concept of pineapple over pizza is still a heated discussion.

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Similarly, a Malaysian restaurant has baffled foodies by serving papads as “Asian nachos” as a snack. It started when Twitter user Samantha posted a picture of the item that was on the Kuala Lumpur restaurant Snitch By The Thieves. 

The Twitter user said the eatery had committed a “culinary crime” by the concept of “Asian nachos”.

The picture spread like wildfire and netizens were unhappy with the food item. Here’s what they had to say.

There are countless videos of digital creators going the extra mile to bring unique content for their followers while ruining some of the classic dishes. Earlier, a weird creation termed ‘apple pakoras’ caught netizens by surprise. 


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A video showed the vlogger dipping an entire apple in the batter to cover it and deep-fried it in hot oil. He gave it a taste and endorsed his creation by saying yummy.

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His other experiments include ‘orange pakoras’, ‘oreo pakoras, ‘pickled oreos’ and ‘avocado with chocolate’.


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