Saturday, July 2, 2022

School girls rip each other’s hair out in vicious brawl


A video of two groups of school girls in India ripping each others’ hair out during a violent brawl is going viral across social media.

The incident took place in Bengaluru city of India. 

In the video, the school girls – some of them in school uniform while other in casual attire – landed kicks, blows and punches on one another. There were many who were ripping each other’s hair out in the fight. A baseball bat can be seen passing out to each other.

A girl got dragged down the stairs while another’s head get smashed with a ball. 

The people intervened to put a stop to all this. The video ends with two persons helping a female with a nose bleed. 

According to social media users, two school girls had a disagreement over a boy and it all escalated when their friends joined them. They said to be students of prominent educational institution

Police has not filed a case as yet.


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