Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Viral: Tree burns from inside after lightning strike


A video of a tree burning from the inside after a reported lightning strike has amazed citizens, while many have deemed the video fake but such incidents have been witnessed before. 

The video of the tree burning from the inside was shared by a Twitter account and has gathered over 750,000 views.

The video, despite looking like someone’s creative genius using video editing software, is no exception as many such incidents have made headlines in the past too.

Usually, when lightning hits a tree, it s torn into pieces, its roots die or the tree decays. But sometimes the outcome is so rare and interesting that the naked eye refuses to believe it.

Normally, when a lightning bolt strikes a tree, it’s blown apart, or its roots die and the tree decays. However, there are times when the result of such a natural occurrence turns out to be very different – so much so that many may find it hard to believe.

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The video was captioned, ‘Fire burning inside a tree after it was struck by lightning.’


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